No, to promote tunnel vision and tinnitus is not the aim of my site. The title describes the state of affairs, which is sobering.

 Of course, I myself claim to suffer neither from tunnel vision nor tinnitus. I, of course, do not suffer from any bias, any prejudice or even any untenable convictions. Right??? Right!

The capacity of the human animal to disregard signs of misalignment between image and source, between perception and reality is mindboggling. In a camera, the sensor - previously the film - just registers all the photons coming through the lens. There may be too many or too few, resulting in overexposed or plain white or underexposed or plain black images. But the camera doesn't add or subtract photons wantonly. I'm obviously omitting the capabilities of AI...

Humans, in turn, add or subtract, warp or contort photons, soundwaves, memes, ideas, concepts, experiences, axioms, proven truths (socialism leads to destruction of wealth and likely to violence, science really knows a few things, established religions are bad for you...), in short, anything they want or need to obtain power, money, to lord over others, protect themselves from inconvenient facts (yes, there are established, undeniable facts...) or to deny whatever it is they don't want to see, hear, feel, experience, do or not do.

No, I have no remedies. I offer just a bit of Gegensteuer - a beautiful German word meaning resistance with the aim of a course correction, which doesn't imply an about-turn or revolution.